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How can we support you to involve volunteers?

Register your Organisation with the Volunteer Hub by clicking here: Organisation Registration Form

Register your Volunteering Opportunities with the Volunteer Hub by clicking here: Volunteering Opportunity Registration Form

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Additional Support for people responsible for volunteers: We can provide learning and development opportunities in volunteer management and leadership, to act as a voice for those that work with volunteers and share best practice amongst everyone who involves volunteers.

Project Development support:  We support organisations and groups to create sustainable activity that involves volunteers.  If you have a project idea or have identified a need for a new activity or service in your community, we can support you to make it happen.  Please contact for more information.

Bank Volunteers

We can support communities to deal with emergencies or respond to individual needs by connecting you with our bank volunteers who have registered with the Volunteer Hub to act as responders to such events and circumstances.

Group Volunteering

If you are a group of people that would like to get involved in volunteering on a project or initiative together, we can put you in touch with organisations and groups who are looking for such support.

Please click here to register your organisation, school or college’s interest in Group Volunteering

Youth Volunteering

We can support young people in our communities to get involved in volunteering by working together with organisations, groups, schools, colleges to develop volunteering opportunities to meet the needs and motivations of younger people.

The NHS Youth Forum have developed a range of resources to support the delivery of youth volunteering and encourage young people to participate in social action. Please click here for more information: NHS England » NHS Youth Forum is the UK’s only online platform dedicated to connecting young volunteers with causes they care about, helping them build skills, networks and confidence. Please click here to find out more:

Employer Supported Volunteering (ESV)

ESV is about employers encouraging their employees to make a difference in the local community through voluntary action. Some employers include volunteering days as part of their employees’ contracts to enable them to participate in volunteering.

Volunteering activities may match the skills and interests of the employees. The Company may have a link to the aims of the charity or organisation being supported. Volunteering opportunities might involve practical group projects like building a footpath, planting trees or painting a community centre. It could be individual volunteering, such as joining a management committee, or offering pro-bono professional support to an organisation.

We can support your Company to connect with suitable volunteering activities and work with the voluntary and community sector to enable this type of volunteering to happen.